My first cosplay

For those of you who don’t spend your lives buried in fabric and reference photos, cosplay is the art of dressing like a character.  Basically, Halloween at other times of the year.

Some cosplay is simple, like putting on an Ironman t-shirt and play gloves.  Other cosplayers spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars crafting loving tributes to their favorite characters.

Here’s my first costume:Read More »

What to do in a lull

As I read the blog posts written by actual, published authors I’m beginning to realize that there’s not really any such thing as a lull. If one manuscript is out of your hands for whatever reason, you should be working on the next one. You should also be promoting, researching, and networking.

I’m not doing any of those things.

Instead I’m doing home improvement projects!


Yep, be impressed.