The Cypher Files: Puzzle 16

Apartment Address: CYPHER.CENTER/[Clue #12]

Book Hint:

You’ll work this one out once you’ve found North.

Hint One
  • The numbers on the side are degrees of a circle
Hint Two
  • “North” is the N on the wall
Hint Three
  • Start at North, then turn 135 to the right. That’s your first letter. 215 degrees from there is your second letter, and so on.
Clue 16
  • Square

5 thoughts on “The Cypher Files: Puzzle 16

  1. Purtroppo ho dovuto leggere la soluzione perché la soluzione che viene fuori seguendo il ragionamento logico dei gradi del cerchio è MOITO.
    Cranio sarei curioso di sapere come siete riusciti a tirarlo fuori.


  2. Can you please let me know if there is a link to see the virtual room? we can only see the photograph in the book. Thanks


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