Overspending at Disney

If there’s one thing that Disney’s good at, it’s getting people to spend money.

Pins, also known as hundreds of dollars of souvenirs.

After spending an embarrassing amount of money on our first trip to Disney together (so embarrassing that you get no details), Kevin and I came up with a system to keep it from happening again.

It might come in handy for other folks, so I figured I’d share it here:

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Dearly Departed: Jeffrey Cohen’s Comedy Tonight Series

Do you like funny? What about funny movies? Or funny books about funny movies? Jeff Cohen’s Comedy Tonight series is another of those series that made me wonder “Hang on, whatever happened to that?”
And then I actually met Jeff at Malice Domestic last year and realized that hey, I can probably just ask him and he won’t hate me! (He’s very nice. You should all go say hi to him at Malice this year, where he’s going to be Toastmaster.)

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