My Favorite Charities 2018: Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

Happy New Year! Here’s my last Favorite Charity post of the year. I hope your new year is filled with all the adventure, love, and success you want.

Living in a city for the first time has made me more aware of how many people sleep rough every night. Every night I see dozens of people sleeping on the steps outside businesses, tucked into closed businesses, and in the parks in my area. There’s also been an increase in hostile architecture since we moved to Orlando, which only serves to ‘move along’ the homeless population, rather than solve the problems that cause homelessness in the first place.


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My Favorite Charities 2018: Food Bank Puerto Rico


This one’s an easy one. Puerto Rico go hit by a massive hurricane over a year ago and still hasn’t recovered. So many parts of the island still look like Hurricane Maria was just yesterday and Puerto Ricans need help. While the long term rebuilding continues, places like the food bank make sure that the local population can hang in there to see their homes and lives rebuilt.

Here’s their donation pages, with options for goods, money, and time.