My Favorite Fostering Extras

Phew! Our foster family of four, the Weasleys, went to their forever homes last week. They’re all the most adorable things ever and it’s been amazing to watch them grow, but I’m still happy that the number of cats in our home is going down. The money we’ll save on litter alone!
However, kitten season is upon us. My foster group has already had a bunch of neonatal orphans come in, and it’s only March!
You don’t need a lot to start fostering. Some people keep kittens in their bathroom, or even their closet! Our local shelter helps out by giving as many supplies as they can to fosters, as well, so no one’s ever filed for bankruptcy over the amount a nursing mother eats. (It’s a lot. They’re not eating for two, they’re eating for four! Or seven!)
However, since we started fostering almost a year ago, I’ve come across a few extra bonus items that help make fostering even easier, or at least smoother. They’re definitely non-standard, but I’d fight anyone who tried to take them away.

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