What it’s like to text bank

Last week Kevin and I did some text bank volunteering with the Harry Potter Alliance and Head Count.

The details in advance were a little vague on what that meant so I was pretty nervous going it but it turns out that that text banking is almost completely painless and actually pretty helpful! (Added bonus if some of your favorite musicians play a just-for-volunteers concert while you work.)

If you’re curious about doing something similar, here’s what it was like for us:

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My Favorite Charities 2019: The Harry Potter Alliance

(This year I’m re-running some of my older charity posts for Christmas. Call them my Favorite-Favorites.)

With Project for Awesome coming up, I realized I haven’t told you my favorite programs to throw money at yet!  Here’s number one:

The Harry Potter Alliance takes all of that fan power and puts it to real-world use.  They’ve successfully campaigned for slavery-free chocolate in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks, run a woman-led leadership program, and donate hundreds (thousands?) of books to areas in need.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s no shortage of ways to support them, from buying from their online shop to joining your local chapter, so check out their website!