My Drunk Kitchen: Reno Style

Hello from cold, dry Maryland!  Kevin and I officially made the move last Saturday, so now we’ve spent a whole week in our new house.

Because we’ve immediately dived into some major house renovations, our entire kitchen at the moment is comprised of a 1.7 square foot fridge plugged in downstairs and a toaster oven we keep where the kitchen used to be- and will eventually be again.  As you can imagine, this has forced us to get a little creative with our cooking. (Also, we’ve been eating out a lot.)

Mostly we’ve been doing a fair number of peanut butter and jelly- or grilled cheese- sandwiches.  But we’ve also been watching a lot of My Drunk Kitchen- the Hannah Hart YouTube show where she gets drunk and cooks (shock!), with greater and lesser degrees of success.  Something about binge-watching her show must have jump-started our creative brains, because dinner last night can only be described in MDK-sian terms.Read More »