Mia Manansala’s Guide to Acceptance Speeches

Y’all, I’m excited and a little nervous.
Why, you might ask?

Because today we have our first-ever Guest Post!
And, it’s someone I admire the heck out of and whose amazingness directly inspired me to apply to the William F. Deeck – Malice Domestic Grant for Unpublished Writers.
She is also the first person I thought of when I realized I’d need help writing my acceptance speech, which is what she’s here to talk about today. (Thanks to her advice, my speech at Malice Domestic was lauded as “One of the best” and “so good!” and “I could tell you didn’t want to be up there, but you sounded great.’ )

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My Favorite Writing Blogs

When you’re a writer, there are a LOT of people who want to give you advice. A lot of that advice contradicts each other, although that doesn’t actually make it bad. It just means that not all advice is for everyone. Part of the learning process is figuring out which advice works for you and what you can safely ignore.

I try to absorb as much info as I can, on the principle that it can’t hurt to get as many different perspectives as possible. It can get overwhelming, especially in the bad old days when I was still trying to find my feet and listened to everyone all the time. As with anything else, once I had read enough and got more practiced at sorting out the useful from the not-for-me it got easier to find the writers who really made sense to me.

Over time I’ve curated a collection of blogs that I find to have the most diverse–and useful–advice for me. YMMV, of course, but in no particular order, here are the top blogs on my weekly reading list:

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What Goes in to Being a Writer

I’ve wanted to be an author nearly my entire life (excluding the first three years, when I’m pretty sure my life goals were more along the lines of “nap” and “avoid napping) so getting picked up by my agent(!!!) was just about the most incredible thing to happen to me.

However, I’ve known since high school that writing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  All that “writers spent all day in their dressing gowns drinking champagne” (thanks, Terry Pratchett!) stuff is, of course, as nonsensical as it enticing, but more importantly, writers don’t even get to be Jo March, or Jane Austen.  It’s not enough to just write the books, you are also in charge of everything else, even if you go the traditional route, like I’m hoping to.  (Fingers crossed!)Read More »