The Magic of Adderall

(Technically, I’m on dextroamphetamine, which is like Adderall’s twin brother.)

Currently my usually very calm life (No commute, no kids, husband who does most of the cooking) has gotten a lot more complicated. We added Squeaker, of course, and have also developed a friend group here in Orlando (who’d have thought?), and don’t even get me started on our current foster (I just picked him up today. He’s adorable. See him @smallworldfosters on Instagram).

As I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn, my writing has suffered because of this. There’s so much to be done in real life (take the bikes to the shop, feed/bathe/socialize new fosters, actually see other humans) that writing almost entirely stopped for all of July. After all, if I only had an hour, or thirty minutes, well, that wasn’t enough time to get anything done. Might as well scroll through Tumblr until it’s time for the next feeding.


One of the magic things my new prescription has done is give me the ability to say “I have an hour until the next feeding. I could get a couple hundred words done in that time.” It’s pretty incredible.

And now that I’ve done my two hundred words, if you’ll excuse me, I have a foster kitten to feed.

Are you capable of writing in short bursts, or do you need a couple hours? Did Adderall change your life too? Let me know!

P.S. My mss is at 68,000 words!

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