Happy (Belated) New Year!

Yes, I did entirely forget to write up a post last week. I got too comfortable over the holidays, what with all that “not having to do stuff” I had going on.

Like many things about holidays, resolutions have been overhyped and a lot of pressure has been attached to them. Just look at the gym ads you see around this time of year!  So while I do like to make goals or resolutions at the beginning of each year, I don’t attach a lot of my heart to them.

This year my goal is to get two manuscripts out to my beta readers. I’m normally a very slow writer, but now that I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and put on Adderall, I’m hoping this is an achievable goal. I even have the two stories in mind, so now all I have to do is put pen to paper! (“All.”)

Then there’s the continuation of my normal goals: get more involved in life and keep working toward a healthy work-fun life balance. Since the Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime just picked up my “Non-Publishing Victories” as a permanent group hashtag, I’m feeling pretty good about my movement toward the first one, and with our new e-bikes, I have a good feeling about that second bit as well.

For everyone more on top of their resolutions, what did you decide on? How are you setting yourself for success on them? Got any advice for me? Let me know!

P.S. my mss is out to beta readers, PLUS I have an outline (yes, really) for one of the two I want to write this year!

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