The Cypher Files: Puzzle 11

“we need to find a way to read the medical record”
“It would help if you visited the hospital – use both eyes to enjoy the view on this important date

A VR hospital room.

Book Hint:

Those numbers are giving me a sinking feeling…

Hint One
  • Look around the room for things that might create a date
Hint Two
  • Out the window and on each poster
Hint Three
  • What happened on that date?
  • Titanic
Clue 11
  • Day

Edit: If you’re still confused, check the comments! I may always have messed something up, but other folks are thoughtfully filling in the blanks.

7 thoughts on “The Cypher Files: Puzzle 11

  1. I can’t get access to the virtual room, I have put hospital address, cypher centre/ medical in the search bar but it doesn’t bring up the room, what am I doing wrong


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