The Cypher Files: Puzzle 14

“I need to call the boss personally. If I get him on the phone, he will listen…”

A list of phone extensions

Book Hint:

This puzzle is pretty black and white – but you’ll need to phone all your friends

Hint One
  • This is a “Mastermind” style puzzle.
Hint Two
  • I actually don’t know how to solve this one. We got the answer from a forum, so skip to solution + clue here. Sorry! If anyone in the comments knows how to solve it, I’ll do an update.
    ** Ellie in the comments explains the process of getting the answer! Thank you Ellie!
Hint Three
  • Put in 97584- you get the word “oblivion” to put into the
Clue 14
  • Utopia

2 thoughts on “The Cypher Files: Puzzle 14

  1. Figured it out! so mastermind style is guessing the combination, with the black and white giving you hints if youre right or close. so black would mean one of the numbers is in the right position, white means that number is in the combo but wrong position. ex/ 2 blacks meant right position was 97, while the following 1 black 1 white meant the 9 was in the right spot but the 7 wasnt

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