The Cypher Files: Puzzle 19

I went over your report and he seems very promising.
See what you can find out by interviewing him and fill me in.

Book Hint:

Make sure you go through the right doors.

Hint One
  • Find the next thing in the pattern on each page to get the door
Hint Two
  • Including A, you’ll have 5 letters/doors that create the solution
Hint Three
  • It’s B. I don’t know why; I’d assume the next thing would be a 5 sided shape, but hey.
  • The dot is going around square by square and the line is alternating between two squares, so where will each be in the next iteration?
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • ┬áRoman numerals
  • Hands on a clock going counter-clockwise
Clue 19
  • revenge

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