Bess’ Book Recs: The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall

It’s been a while, but I’ve got a new book recommendation!

The last British romance I read was “The Cosy Teashop in the Castle,” and I enjoyed it because, well, nothing happened. It was a cute slice of life with no real tension.

This was…not like that.

Sophie Breeze is a stealth professional bridesmaid. People hire her to plan their wedding (and bachelorette party, etc.) and be a bridesmaid so no one suspects…they couldn’t do it themselves/don’t have any friends? It gets a little fuzzy if you squint, so don’t do that. Just suspend your disbelief. Yep! Secret bridesmaid wedding planner.

Sophie gets hired to do the wedding of a Very Fancy British noble by the bride’s mother. The bride…hates her guts. (And, frankly, I can 100% see this bride just eloping and being happy. That would have been a great ending too.)

Everyone that knows her insists that the bride is delightful, really, but she’s a mega-colossal jerkface to Sophie. Like, over the top. Sophie’s friend calls her ‘the Miranda Priestly bride.’ We don’t get any hints at that sweet side the (hot) brother, (strangely normal) fiancĂ©, and (kind of scary) mother swear exists. But we do get hints that there’s a Reason why she’s such a nightmare.

The plotline is perfectly predictable, but in a really satisfying way. The author knows her interpersonal (and romance!) beats and uses them to perfection. Even knowing what would happen, I was excited to see how exactly things were going to turn out.

The Secret Bridesmaid isn’t a taxing read, so if you’re looking for something gentle with a little silliness, supportive friends, and Overcoming the friendship and romance Odds, I highly recommend this one.

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