Bess’ Book Recs: White Trash Warlock by David R. Slayton

First of all, credit for me finally reading this goes to Sarah Fisk, who has been extolling its virtues since it came out. But it wasn’t until they had the author on their podcast, Queries, Qualms, and Quirks that I finally paid attention. (Sorry, Sarah!)

White Trash Warlock follows Adam Binder, a backwoods guy who has magic. He’s also gay, but it’s a toss-up which of those facts his family is more uncomfortable with. When he was a kid they threw him in a psych ward and washed their hands of all of it.

Which makes it something of a surprise when his long-estranged older brother calls, begging for his help.

Y’all, this book is the best (sub)urban(?) fantasy I’ve read in AGES. It vacillates between Adam’s perspective and his brother’s, and their voices are so different. You really get into their heads, and I am very impressed. Also, I want to wrap Adam in a blanket, give him a hot cocoa, and kick his brother and mother in the shins. Regardless of how he feels in the end. (It’s complicated, as with most family things.)

Also, any magic series that starts with a villain that eats magic is hardcore.

Adam has to deal with a lot of unexpected twists from his past, confront his family, and also do things like ‘move forward’ and ‘develop healthy interpersonal relationships’ and ‘save the world.’ But they all blend together so incredibly! I want to know who the warlock is, I want to see what happens with Silver and Argent. And Vic. I love Vic.

Fair warning, this isn’t a happy-sunshine book. It ends satisfyingly, but not happily, exactly. There’s lots of Ominous Forboding, and he doesn’t tie everything up neatly. But the story kind of drags you forward–I ordered the second one from the library the second I woke up.

And if you like Supernatural’s dedication to a beat-up old car, you’ll appreciate Adam.

Just a bonus.

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