Bess’ Book Recs: Happily Ever Island by Crystal Cestari

I am a Disney fan. Heck, I moved to Florida in no small part because of Disney World. So my affection for this book should come as no surprise.

Happily Ever Island has two college students visiting the Ultimate Disney Dream over spring break. On Happily Ever Island, guests get to be their favorite character and experience those characters’ iconic moments. And while Madison is the biggest Disney fan ever, her best friend is way too serious for such nonsense.

Naturally, hijinx and romance ensue.

This book was a little bit like visiting Disney World without actually going outside; it hit that same warm, fuzzy spot in my brain. And for days after, all I wanted was to listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies. If you’ve been having Disney Trip Cravings, “Happily Ever Island” will help.

Just like Disney, this book requires a little suspension of disbelief. At first, I was thinking “How did Disney let them get away with writing this?” Then I realized it’s published by Hyperion, and I pointed to entirely new bits and wondered “How did Disney let them get away with writing that?”

And the cast members, Val and Jared, grate a bit. They’re probably the weakest link for me, but nothing suspension of disbelief couldn’t overcome.

Like a Disney movie, the story includes emotional turmoil, personal development, and romance while surrounding every bit of it with that sparkle of Disney magic.

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