Ultra Special Malice Domestic 2019 Recap

When I said I’d have this post up on Monday, I really meant “once I am no longer sleep deprived,” which is kind of the same thing.
Welcome to my first-ever (but hopefully not last!) Malice Domestic Recap.

SinC has the BEST lanyards. There’s a zipper pocket, TWO pen pocket, and a room card / business card sized pocket in the back.
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MegaCon 2018

This weekend on something of a whim, Kevin and I  went to MegaCon Orlando. It was my first time at a chain con-you know, the kind where they’re massive and part of a major business. I’m much more familiar with smaller, fan-run cons like Shoreleave and MISTI. (It turns out I also prefer them, but we’ll get to that.)

We bought Saturday-only tickets and, thanks to our tendency to over-estimate how much time we’ll need to get ready, we arrived an hour before the con even opened. Since it took just silly amounts of walking to get anywhere in the convention center, that worked out.Read More »