Bouchercon 2019: I’m on a panel!

Howdy, y’all!
A few weeks ago I got the notification that I was tapped to be on a panel called “Does Length Matter?”
How cool is that?

Does Length Matter?

“Go short or go long? Short Story vs. Novel. What about the novella? Is it easier to write short or long? How does a writer decide between writing short fiction or a novel? What different skills are required for each form?”

Our moderator is Paula Gail Benson, fellow Sister in Crime, legislative attorney, and prolific short story author.

My fellow panelists are:

  • Carolyn Arnold, another Sister in Crime who is a bestseller with a backlist I can only aspire to.
  • Rhonda Gilliland, Sister in Crime and editor of cozy anthologies
  • Mad Hildebrandt, author of all sorts of mysteries, from cozy to gritty.
  • Sandy Steen, author of romance and mystery stories.
  • Mary Stojak, a short story author
  • Molly Weston, a Big Deal in Sisters in Crime (she edits InSinC!)
  • Angela Zeman who’s managed to master both short and long fiction.
  • and me!

I can only assume my job is to be hypewoman for my fellow panelists, because I’m pretty sure they can all write, edit, and talk laps around me. Come see us! We’re on Thursday from 1 – 2, which seems like just the perfect way to start the weekend.

I’ll also be at the Guppy meetup, whenever that happens, as well as the Queer Crime Writers meetup, which I think will be on Thursday evening at the hotel bar. (I should probably figure that out, since I’m hosting!)

I hope I’ll get to see some of you there–at the panel or at Bouchercon in general! I’ll be the nervous one with the pink hair and awestruck gaze.

Are you going to Boucher? Are you on a panel? What should I do/see/eat in Dallas? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Bouchercon 2019: I’m on a panel!

  1. You got the cool panel! I was on one just like it, and with Paula, at smaller con recently. I’ll be there, but on panel with a much tamer name, something about self-publishing, which I haven’t done in ages. See you, I hope!

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