Black Lives Matter

I’m not a good speaker and I get very nervous talking about social justice issues because a misstep on my part can do a lot of harm.


It’s also important to say something and be visible so people around me don’t think “Ah, yes. She’s okay with the abuse and murder of Black people by law enforcement.”

I’m still learning and I’ll probably always be learning. Anti-racism and allyship are verbs, a continuous process. Right now I’m also donating to The Bail Project and sharing resources for others to learn from and support.

Like how to Safely and Ethically Film Police Misconduct

And the ways white activists contribute to burnout in activists of color

And how to have difficult conversations with the people in your life

And how to put beliefs into practice in regular life

And a whole list of reading material, podcasts, and movies to help us along the way

Even the shyest, most anxiety-ridden of us can do things to support the fight for justice and anti-racism.

And it’s important that we do them.