Advent Calendar Season

Yesterday I woke up and realized…it’s almost advent calendar season!

I adore advent calendar season. Although I’m not a fan of the flat ones with chocolate in them (the chocolate isn’t to my taste) once I became an adult I learned that there are SO MANY VARIATIONS on the “give Bess a small thing to unwrap every day” theme.

Here are some of my favorites!


Lego Advent Calendars

(Disclaimer: I have a complicated relationship with the Harry Potter franchise. I adore the IP and do my best to avoid supporting the IP holders.)

I’ve never had a Lego advent calendar, but they look like so much fun! Especially if you get to build each tiny thing each day.

Homemade advent calendars

Last year Kevin made me an advent calendar. Each day I opened a new tiny gift. My mom has an old family one with tiny ornaments you hang on a tree each day.

Book advent calendars

A book a day! Honestly, it doesn’t get better than that.

Tea advent calendars

Okay, pair the book one and this one. A warm, cozy cup of tea every day that’s also a series of happy surprises?

Cheese advent calendars

Or really any edible one. We got Kevin a beer one once and he was still trying to finish it months later. (They did not skimp on the cans.)

Rubber ducky advent calendar

My mom is a rubber duck fan, so any time I see something rubber ducky themed I get excited.

And that’s only the tip of the advent calendar iceberg! There is an endless array of advent calendars just waiting to be enjoyed, and I get to start enjoying them tomorrow.


Do you have a favorite advent calendar?

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Season

  1. The rubber duckie one cracked me up! I always send them to my grandkids and I haven’t done that this year! BAD Grandma! I’ll looking at the Lego one.

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    • Kevin and I have a tradition of him hiding rubber ducks that my mom sent for one of my birthdays all around the house. I just found one this morning, hidden on the bookcase!
      Your grandkids are going to be so EXCITED!


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