Networking, or Bracing For No

I may have mentioned this here before (I complain about it a lot), but the days of writers typing furiously, sending the novel off to their editor, then starting on the next one are long over. Now we have to network and promote and talk to people.

Look, if I wanted to talk to people I wouldn’t have become a writer, okay? That’s, like, the opposite of the point. If I wanted to tell my interesting stories to people directly I would have gone into comedy or something.

But alas, here we are.

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Mia Manansala’s Guide to Acceptance Speeches

Y’all, I’m excited and a little nervous.
Why, you might ask?

Because today we have our first-ever Guest Post!
And, it’s someone I admire the heck out of and whose amazingness directly inspired me to apply to the William F. Deeck – Malice Domestic Grant for Unpublished Writers.
She is also the first person I thought of when I realized I’d need help writing my acceptance speech, which is what she’s here to talk about today. (Thanks to her advice, my speech at Malice Domestic was lauded as “One of the best” and “so good!” and “I could tell you didn’t want to be up there, but you sounded great.’ )

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