ADHD Writing Advice

Writing is hard. This is something I–and others–say all the time.

ADHD doesn’t really help.

When I was in the depths of despair for my semi-regular visit, Kevin dug up some resources for writers with ADHD. If you’ve got some of the same issues, maybe these articles can help you too!

Writing a Novel When You Have ADHD

This is a good article for folks just starting out writing, or anyone who needs a quick brush up on the basics. It includes both ideas, and the author’s own personal experience, just in case you were worried that you’re all alone in this garbage struggle.
(And if you’re looking for accountability buddies, come to Sarah’s weekly virtual write in! I’m there every Wednesday.)

The ADHD Guide to Building a Writing Habit

This article IDs some of the problems we have when trying to get writing done. During my last Pit of Despair, this article made me remember that the Pomodoro Method exists and encouraged me to physically turn off my laptop’s internet AND my whole phone. Do I do it every time? No. But I am undeniably more productive when I actually do use that routine, to the tune of a thousand words. (I admit, sometimes that makes me wonder what I could do if my brain and I were on the same page at all times.)

In addition to those two articles that Kevin found, I’m also fond of How to ADHD, which talks about all aspects of life for folks with ADHD, including solutions and also just empathy.

And ADHD Alien, who creates comics about what it feels like to have ADHD.

There’s a growing community of people with ADHD online, talking about what it’s like and sharing things they’ve learned. Writers with ADHD still don’t have a huge showing, but we’re out there! Maybe if we find each other we’ll all be able to finish the book.

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