Judging your age on book characters

I’m hitting my quarter-life crisis a few years later than most of my friends, but the thing that set me off was a re-read of Fruits Basket.

A young character refers to an older character as “oji-san” and the protagonist is shocked because “oji-san” is only 27.

I’m 28. When I first read these books, I was the same age as the protagonist (high school). I am now older than oji-san.  In the eyes of the young character, I’m pretty sure that makes me an antique.

I’m also the same age as Phryne Fisher (of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fame).

Soon I’ll be looking on all these characters as “youths” and shaking my cane at them. Who do I have left to admire and look up to? Miss Marple?

(I feel old.)

Did anyone else have an age-related crisis thanks to a book or series? What was it? I love messing with my emotions! Let me know in the comments.

P.S. My mss is at 51,000 words!

Phryne Fisher

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The Phryne Fisher series are traditional, rather than cozy, because there is both blood AND sex on the page, but the most incredible thing is how character-driven these books are.

Most mysteries are interesting for the plots.  You want to know who did The Crime and why.  That’s why I find so few mysteries rereadable.  Once I know the answer, what do I care about discovering it again?  (I struggle with this in my books, not going to lie.)

But Phryne is different.

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What’s going on here?

A few years ago my mom and I discovered the TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.”  It took me about two seasons before I discovered that the show is based on a book series.

I’ve been devouring the books (seriously, I just reread and reread them.  The characters are so engaging!) over the past several months, sometimes in order and sometimes just picking up whichever one strikes my fancy.

One of the books, Ruddy Gore surrounds a mystery at a theater.  It also introduces Phryne’s long-term lover, Lin Chung.

During a conversation between Phryne and her companion (Dot) about Lin, something weird happens.  I can’t tell if it’s something that got missed in editing, I’m misreading it, or what, but this conversation definitely doesn’t make sense to me:

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