What’s going on here?

A few years ago my mom and I discovered the TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.”  It took me about two seasons before I discovered that the show is based on a book series.

I’ve been devouring the books (seriously, I just reread and reread them.  The characters are so engaging!) over the past several months, sometimes in order and sometimes just picking up whichever one strikes my fancy.

One of the books, Ruddy Gore surrounds a mystery at a theater.  It also introduces Phryne’s long-term lover, Lin Chung.

During a conversation between Phryne and her companion (Dot) about Lin, something weird happens.  I can’t tell if it’s something that got missed in editing, I’m misreading it, or what, but this conversation definitely doesn’t make sense to me:


So what’s going on here?  Who’s saying what?  My assumption is that it just got missed during edits.  The only problem with that is that this isn’t an ARC, so theoretically something that big would have been caught by now.  In fact, this is a second printing.

Go figure.


What do you think happened here?  Do you ever come across something in a book that makes you stop and go “Huh?”  Let me know!


P.S.  I have done basically no writing.  But MISTICon is coming up!  How could I possibly focus?

4 thoughts on “What’s going on here?

  1. Jon, a copyright does have date limits set, but there’s nothing left to do except renew the copyright. Maintanence of a copyright is basically putting a new end date when the old one ends. I’ll agree that there’s plenty of hoops you have to jump through, that’s just to make sure you are who you say you are.


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