MISTI is this week!

Kevin, I, and our carpool buddy are leaving a little before lunch on Wednesday to split the drive up to New Hampshire over two days.  This means we should be there for Every.  Single.  Panel.  I’m so excited, y’all.

Packing is turning out to be more interesting than it has in the past.  Not only are we taking twice as many articles of clothing (since Kevin’s coming with this year; I’m so stoked) but we also have a number of special outfits that we’re bringing.


  • suit for the masquerade
  • suit for tea with the Malfoys (yes, we got tickets!)
  • Lupin costume
  • enough clothing for the chilly NH weather for five days
  • swim gear for the pool
  • PJs


  • masquerade gown
  • tea with the Malfoys dress
  • traveling tea dress
  • Tonks photos costume
  • Tonks regular daily costume
  • swimsuit
  • five days of regular clothes
  • PJs

And that doesn’t even begin to take into account snacks, accessories, and the other mountains of gear that magically accumulates when you’re packing for a con.  I’m pretty confident that we can cram three people’s worth of gear into the car, but it’s gonna be close.

I’ve done a lot of thinking (obsessing) about The Photos and I think I’ve finally got a few poses I want to get in the family shoot with Tonks, Lupin, and Teddy.  There’s also going to be a professional photographer there so I want to get some pictures in her photobooth as well.  Given my level of nervousness this might be the only time I cosplay this intensely so I want to go all out.

Next week’s post will be late, since we won’t get home until Monday evening, but with any luck it’ll be chock-full of pictures from my favorite con!


Any last minute con advice?  Or words of wisdom about cosplay pictures?  Or just wish us luck on the long trek in the comments!

P.S  My ms is somewhere around 9,000 words.  Not too shabby!

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