My Writing Sucks

About three years ago I quit grad school to focus on writing.  (And also my mental health, but that’s not the point at the moment.)  I had an idea, I had done all the research, I was ready.  And then I spent the next two and a half years working on this manuscript, laboring, tweaking, even going so far as to pay for a professional critique.  The critique came back with what I had suspected for a few months by that point- it was rubbish.  (I think that is an actual quote; I’m too much of a coward to go back and make sure.)

After that I hit a few months of depression.  I wanted to be an author.  But how could I be an author when years of work created drivel?  (Maybe that was it.  Still not checking.)

Then I remembered this video.  It’s from the Vlogbrothers channel about five years ago, while John was on his first paternity leave.  Strangely enough, it made me feel better.  And now, hopefully, I’m getting to the ‘slightly less sucking’ stage.  We’ll see!

What motivates y’all when you hit a writing pit of despair?

P.S.  My manuscript hit 50,032 words this week!  Huzzah!

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