The problem with money

My husband wrote this; if you like finance and money things, check him out!

thirty to freedom

Money is hard.

I am very privileged, and very lucky.  I’ve not always been able to go out to restaurants whenever I’d like, or go on large, fancy vacations whenever I’d like, but I’ve certainly done enough of these things.  I’ve also, whenever I’ve needed something big, like a car, or a bed, or a plane ticket, been able to purchase the item without worrying too much.

That’s not to say that I didn’t worry – I always worry – but, inevitably, the expenditure would be absorbed and I would go about my business.  I’ve had very many safety nets, and I’ve always landed on my feet, despite the many poor financial decisions I’ve made.  But now that I’ve spent most of my safety nets and most of my money on a house, and now that we’re moving across the ocean and across the continent to start (mostly) over, I’m…

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