A Big Blah Tangle

Aloha mes amis!  (Yes, I am a polyglot, thank you for noticing.)

Kevin and I have been in Maryland for two weeks now and it turns out that the mainland is mostly painfully cold and painfully dry.  It is as I have always suspected- I am a hothouse flower who flourishes best in nice tropical climates.  But we’re here now, so let’s see how things go once we get a kitchen and maybe a bedroom.

I’ve been doing teensy amounts of writing in the last week, partly because it’s shockingly hard to maintain a schedule when your inflatable mattress in the living room comprises of not only your bed, but also your desk, chair, and dining room table, but also because I have reached a section in my manuscript that contains a seemingly impossible temporal snarl.  The two chapters overlap each other’s section of the timeline so badly that I’m struggling to sort out what happened when.

As I may have mentioned (or maybe not) I am a naturally lazy person.  Partly, of course, that’s due to my ADD making it difficult to focus on, well, difficult things, but also I have a personality that is disinclined to hard work.  Yes, this is not a good thing.  I know.  But the point is, it’s darned hard to convince myself to figure out how to figure out this problem.

But since I want to have my manuscript ready to send out by my birthday, I’ve got to sort it out.  I’ve only got six months to go!  (That was terrifying to write.  I should get to work.)  Actually, exactly six months from today.

Any ideas on how to unsnarl a hopelessly tangled timeline?  Anyone want to brag about how being a plotter makes avoiding problems like this easy?  Let me know!

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