Where are my glasses?

I thought I wouldn’t have this problem until we were all moved in, but I also thought the renovation would be done two weeks ago, so I guess it was to be expected.

Do you see my problem? BECAUSE I CAN’T.

I lose my glasses constantly. I’m always putting them down and not remembering where. 

Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve developed a few places I know to check when my glasses are AWOL- the TV stand, or the counter, or my pillow. It’s all a matter of habit and knowing where I’m most likely to take them off.

Since we’re currently in transition and living in a space that is literally the size of a dining room (cuz it is), I didn’t think I’d have trouble keeping track of my stupid glasses. It was for such a short time and the space is so small, how could I possibly lose track of them? But as this renovation has stretched on and on and we’ve developed something like a studio apartment in our living room I’ve discovered that anything is possible.

At least twice a day I have to ask Kevin if he’s seen my glasses. Luckily he’s better at keeping track of them than I am, so the answer is usually yes.

I guess it’s a sign that we’re finally settling in here. Or just that I’m scatterbrained no matter where I am.

Do you lose something with embarrassing regularity? How do you keep track of your glasses?

P.S. My manuscript is at 64,300 words!

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