Baby’s First Convention

I was going to post a picture but, guys, my first con was before Facebook. As a result I have no pictures.

I also have fairly few memories of it, but that’s not technology’s fault. That’s because my memory is made of cheesecloth.

I do remember that it was for my 16th birthday, because my mom wanted to do something big and all I wanted was to go to this “animu thing.” I eventually pointed out that 20,000 people was basically the biggest sweet sixteen imaginable.

As a result, Mom and I drove up to Baltimore for my first ever convention- Otakon.

We stayed with my mom’s friend who lives just outside of Baltimore and took the metro in on Friday. We knew when we had arrived when we peeked out the window and a couple guys in full armor strolled past.

Despite her strangely taut nerves, Mom didn’t come into the convention center with me. Upon seeing the strange men in strange clothing she said “Ah yes, this must be the place. Have fun!” and ditched me.

The weekend is basically a blur to me now, but I remember making new friends, seeing Piano Squall perform music from video games I didn’t know, and thinking that a 22k person convention was just too big for regular consumption.

I actually haven’t been back to Ota since then, but now that I live practically next door I might return. It’s a good con, at least from the annual picture dump my friends engage in.

What was your first convention? Do you have a favorite? Let me know!

P.S. My manuscript is currently being shredded by beta readers. Wee!

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