Draft One, Book Two

I’ve officially started writing the first draft of the second book in my series.  Huzzah!

Pictured: Book Two

I have no idea what the ‘usual’ procedures are for subsequent books, but after my initial panic I’ve hit a sort of “uuugh” stride.  As in “uuugh, writing is so hard” and “uuugh, I have to come up with a title and a plot and a subplot and new characters and motives…..”

(I am, as you can see, feeling whiny.)

Part of it is because I now live in a place that has winter and am responsible for my own bills which means I can’t crank the heat up.  As a result, I live in multiple layers and a semi-perpetual state of tired coldness.

The other part, of course, is that writing is hard.  Given the choice between writing the next chapter and watching back videos of Dan and Phil Games, there’s really no contest.  That’s why there are so many more consumers than there are creators; consumption is inherently easier.

But I’m plodding along!  I even have a personal goal set for when I want to be done with the first draft.

Anyone else have trouble motivating themselves to actually get work done?  Any recommendations for other YouTubers I can waste my precious writing time following?

P.S.   I have no word count because everything is handwritten but trust me, it’s progressing.

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