Inspiration from Real Life

A lot of writers talk about how they take inspiration from things they come across in everyday life: a new article, a random encounter, even friends and family are fair game.  This isn’t something I have a lot of experience with (possibly because I am still a baby writer) but a few weeks ago the world handed me an amazing moment of “Wow, that could not be a more perfect set up.’

Mind you, it wouldn’t fit into my current manuscript (or possibly this series at all) but you’d better believe I’m filing this beauty away for future consideration:


A little while back Kevin went to a dinner hosted by the company he works for.  Everyone who works for the company had to attend on in their area, and everyone who went got one of these.

When he got home he handed me this pyramid thing and said “I immediately thought of you.”

It’s palm-sized, fairly heavy and, if that isn’t enough, it’s got four surprisingly sharp edges and corners at the bottom.

Yep, this company gave out the perfect murder weapon.

Even better?  There were almost a thousand people at this dinner and 39,000 people in the entire company.

Have you heard a more perfect setting for a murder mystery?  It practically writes itself.


Has life ever handed you the most perfect storyline?  Let me know!

P.S.  My manuscript is at a tick over 11,000 words and I’m thoroughly ashamed of my lollygagging.  To work we go!


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