This weekend Kevin and I went to NYC to see Puffs, which everyone I know has been talking about for forever, visit with his cousins, and-if we had the time and energy- get ourselves some rainbow bagels.

Spoilers: we TOTALLY got the bagels:


According to the internet the rainbow bagels is the invention of Scot Rossillo, the “Bagel Artist” at The Bagel Store.  A couple of weeks ago I saw this video on Tumblr and decided that I had to have one.  (I am easily influenced by colorful or sparkling things.  It’s the great sadness of my life that Kevin hates glitter with a passion.)

Since I know absolutely nothing about New York City (Broadway!  Big Apple!  Um… Statue of Liberty!  And I’m tapped.) I didn’t know what the process to achieve the fancy bagels was going to be like, but Kevin was game so yesterday, when we were headed back home, we took the car and made the half an hour drive to the Place with the Pretty Bagels.

Surprisingly, the fact that it was pride didn’t slow us down too terribly much.  When my friend pointed out that we were in town for a giant festival I expected to basically get in the car and never move again, but NYC drivers didn’t seem more chaotic or hateful than they do on TV, so success?

The Bagel Store is in a very different type of NYC- the buildings are short and pretty and the area was much less stressful than the skyscraper part.  (The Bagel Store website tells me it’s in an area called Williamsburg?  As a Virginia native I disapprove.)

We went in and ordered a dozen rainbow bagels to take home, plus one “Supreme Rainbow Bagel.”  I had intended to order a rainbow bagel with the funfetti cream cheese, but what I apparently ordered was a rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese, sprinkles, “fairy dust” (flavored sugar crystals), and cotton candy.  Kevin and I split one and felt heartily sick after finishing it, but it was worth it:

My half.  It’s a sandwich of fantasy.

This morning we had rainbow bagels for breakfast (with just regular cream cheese, alas) and they’re actually good without all the sugar!  Slightly sweet, but otherwise perfectly bagely.

I don’t know that we’ll get them again (at least not very soon) since the Supreme one cost 10$ and the dozen was 50$, but it was definitely the most fun touristy thing I’ve done in ages.  Oh- if you go, take cash since they’re a cash-only place.  There’s an ATM inside if you, like me, don’t know that or forget.

What the best food adventure you’ve had?  Are there any other food trends I should check out?  Could you finish a Supreme without being violently ill?  Let me know in the comments!

P.S.  My manuscript is at 17,000 words!  Progress!

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