Adieu, Rainbow Railing

When we first moved to Maryland, I spent a lot of time painting things. The bank that owned the house before use had painted every single wall beige.  I’m not a beige fan, so I spent hours (and our friends spent hours, to be honest) covering it all with a bright white.  But since I thought we’d be living here forever, I also painted a few walls bright blue because it’s pretty. I also painted this:


It took less than a year for us to realize that we just can’t handle winters.  So next month, we’re moving to Disney World! (Florida.)

Unfortunately, feature walls are considered selling features, but rainbow railings are not.  Despite my pleading, whining, and pouting, our realtor stood firm and the rainbow railing had to go.

Kevin’s spent the last few days painting it the realtor-approved white.

Kevin undoing my majestic handiwork.

Farewell, sweet railing.  You brought joy to everyone who entered our home. (Insert sad music here.)

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