Check out this gift I got

Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a mature, appropriate title for this post so I went with blunt honesty instead.

Sometimes I look around my home and marvel at how many of my favorite things have been gifts from friends and family. From the decoration on my walls to the waterproof speaker in my shower (for audiobooks, naturally) my friends and family have decked out my home so it’s functional and fun.

At my birthday this year it was the same, with clever, funny, and heart-warming gifts from everyone, but I thought this one would be the most interesting for my bookish family.

Behold, the Oxford Library candle:

This was from a friend whom I hadn’t seen in almost a decade and, entirely by chance, reconnected with on Instagram.

His reasoning was “I know you get your books delivered from the library now so I figured you could make your place smell like the library, in case you miss it.”

Just try to tell me that’s not brilliant and thoughtful.

The candle (which lives on my desk so I can huff it at will) came with a business card and it turns out the company has a perfect niche making book nerd candles. From Bookstore to Halfling Hills, they’re all made of soy wax and vegan ingredients.

I don’t buy a lot of candles, but this one I’m going to cherish. It’s a symbol of a dear friendship, my most perfect birthday yet, and my love of books. I can’t imagine it getting much better than that.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Which is your favorite candle on the Frostbeard website? Let me know!

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