*Another* hobby?

As you might have seen on social media yesterday, I just launched a podcast.

Now available where all podcasts are…cast?

Writing is tough, especially when you’re a) a slow writer and b) have ADHD. You don’t get very many rewards for doing the work you’re supposed to and b) up there means that going “finish this draft and you get chocolate” isn’t nearly as exciting. I can have chocolate any time I want, what makes that chocolate exciting? Why is this draft so great? There are four more to come.

Enter the hobbies.

Y’all know I procrastibake and foster kittens. And those are excellent hobbies. Highly recommend to everyone. (Especially with kitten season coming!) But they’re also at home and don’t get a lot of external validation.

Mind you, that’s not why I started WZRD Radio. I started the podcast because I’ve always wanted a wizard rock radio station and when wrockbox and other attempts have failed no one else stepped up to give it a shot. Since I’ve listened to my own podcast about half a dozen times after uploading it, I can confidently say I’m running a podcast because I love the subject material.

The fact that other people might love it and tell their friends who will all tell me I did a good job and they love it just makes it a particularly good hobby to have picked up.

What are your hobbies? Are they satisfying? Is there something you want to try? Let me know!

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