This Week’s Guide to Life Online

Socializing in person is cancelled. Going places is cancelled. You know what’s not cancelled?

The internet.

With so many people stuck at home, the internet is bursting with things to do. I’ve set up a week’s worth of entertainment ideas here, so have fun! But don’t forget to step outside occasionally too. We need the fresh air.

Monday: Check out your library’s online resources. (No link here. You’ll have to check your own local library.)

Tuesday: Get in a good workout.

Wednesday: Let LeVar Burton read to you. Have Reading Rainbow flashbacks.

Thursday: Watch a free play! This week it’s Jane Eyre.

Friday: Try a Harry Potter escape room! Compete against your friends to see who gets out the fastest.

Saturday: Jet to Paris and take a tour of the Louvre.

Sunday: Attend a virtual Open Mic Night, hosted on Facebook. Or sign up to perform yourself!

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