Typing “The End”

Thanks to Kevin’s off-hand comment last week I actually got to do this on Friday!

Mind you, it’s just on the first draft. That means there are still typos, plot holes and, oh yeah, about 30,000 more words I need to find. But the first draft is done and that counts for a lot. Now I know the basic course of the story and can flesh it out with “plot points” and “clues” and all that other stuff people insist book have to have.

The general advice at this point is to take a break and let the manuscript marinate in your brain juices for a while (that was horrible, I’m sorry) but I think this time I’m going to ignore the conventional wisdom and start with some of my fixes and additions. I already know what I want to add and change so waiting would put that at risk. You know, with the garbage memory I’ve got.

But man, what a relief! After all the weeks of angst and self-doubt I finally feel like I’m back on track. Is there a lot of work ahead? Yes. But do I feel like I can handle it? Currently, also yes.

I hope all your projects are moving ahead as well!

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