Candle Collection of a Non-Candle Collector

A couple weeks ago I bought a candle. I was excited by it because it sorts you. (Link for anyone else that is enchanted by that idea.) It arrived and I opened it and it smells lovely and then I realized.
I don’t…actually like candles?
I mean, I love them conceptually but I never actually light them. I don’t like burning candles because I have a cat and, even though he’s very smart about that sort of thing and has never bothered our yahrzeit candles, I have anxiety. So they’re more knicknacks than candle-candles around here. And yet, despite not being a candle fan, I have a whole heckin’ collection:

  1. Ravenclaw Beeswax Candle
    I made this one! You all remember it. It lives on the kitchen counter and is the only one I’ve actually lit. It’s mostly used for when Squeaker gets into the foster kittens’ food and makes us all regret it.


2. Library Candle
This one was a gift from a friend. It lives on my desk to make me feel fancy. It really does smell like what Oxford library books smell like in my imagination–the old ones you have to be gentle with.


3. Butterbeer Candle
Kevin surprised me with this one! I wanted to buy it so badly at MISTI*Con last year but was too busy running Madam Malkin’s and couldn’t make it to the Trolley Witches table before they closed. I was disappointed, but turns out Kevin was so on top of it that he not only bought me one (and the next two) but also warned them NOT to sell to me, just in case I made it over there. My Christmas stocking clanked like nobody’s business last year with all the artisanal candles inside. How cute is its container?


4. Sea Candle
This was one of the gifts from Kevin. It smells not so much like the ocean-ocean, but more like a day at the ocean, if that makes sense.


5. Amortentia Candle
I’m pretty sure this is a love potion candle. It smells like roses and has rose petals in it. And look how pretty! It lives in the master bathroom because I think it’s neat.


6. The House Special
And now I’ve bought my sixth fancy candle. SIX. Considering I don’t light them, that should last me a while. How could I resist, though? It’s made by a friend’s new company, IT SORTS YOU BY REVEALING YOUR HOUSE COLOR, and it’s donating to the Trevor Project. For a non-candle-fancier candle fancier, that’s basically perfection.


So there you have it, my unintentional collection. Maybe I’ll start burning them now that I’ve admitted to my accidental hobby. Or not.

Do you have an accidental collection? What is it? Are you a candle fancier? Which one’s your favorite? Let me know!

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