My Favorite Charities 2020: Feral Cats of UCF

When I got involved with fostering in Orlando, Feral Cats of UCF was one woman working on an aglet budget to TNR/adopt/find fosters/find colony caregivers for all the many (many) (MANY) feral cats around UCF. Now she’s running a whole network, still on that aglet budget.

UCF has a problem with students falling in love with cats and kittens, taking them in, then dumping them when it’s time to go home at the end of the semester. It happens every year and, since college kids often don’t know or don’t care to get their pet fixed, the problem multiplies dramatically.

Enter Feral Cats of UCF.

The woman who runs it started the program because she couldn’t take it anymore. Her neighbors were feeding a colony and the colony was having babies. She called someone who said “have you tried TNR?”

She’d never heard of TNR. Google said it was something-something-neurological technology. But she figured it out and got started, borrowing a trap and finding a clinic that would to the spay & neuter surgeries for cheap and free.

And now she has an entire network of volunteers who take care of the kittens and cats that might be adoptable or are too young or sick to be released.

Did I mention she runs the program entirely on donations while also having a day job and being a parent?

Basically she’s my hero.

They very recently got their 501c3 so now donations are tax deductible! Before that most of us either called in payments to the vet that she worked with or just shipped donations of food & litter to her house. (To be honest, that’s still mostly how it goes.)

She does incredible work, so if you want to support it here’s how:
Pay down their bill at the Oviedo Vet (407) 434-0020
Adopt a cat

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