My Favorite Charities 2020: The Center

Hello again and welcome to my next charity of the year, The Center in Orlando.

I’ve lived in Orlando for a couple years now and only just barely scratched the surface with The Center. They do a little bit of everything.

  • Daily STI testing, including HIV
    • (Also Narcan distribution)
    • (Also free condoms right at the front door so you don’t have to talk to anyone)
  • Walk-in counseling appointments
  • Lending library of queer literature
  • Addiction groups
  • Social meetups
    • for kids
    • adults
    • seniors
    • special interests
  • Computer center
  • Safe, comfy spaces to spend time
  • Resources for a variety of needs
  • Rental spaces for local businesses & organizations
  • They worked with my cat rescue once to host an adoption event for FIV+ cats (I just thought this was really cool, y’all)

I am confident I missed a lot of stuff, but you get the idea. The Center is a magical place that provides a heck of a lot of support to a heck of a lot of people while also just being somewhere to go when you don’t want to go home yet.

And here’s their donation page if you want to support them!

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