Editing Learning Curve

Last week I got back my agent’s(!!!) notes on my manuscript.  It’s a little amazing, actually, how fast it was, especially given how many red marks there are.

Artist’s rendering. Can you believe I don’t own a red marker?

So.  Many.  Edits.

Step one, for me, was a casual perusal of everything she’d written and arguing vehemently about why each and every note was stupid and my manuscript was perfect the way it was.  Kevin didn’t know about this crucial stage of editing and tried to gently point out that maybe my agent(!!!) was right about some things.  That lead to step two.

Step two was sulking and playing Quick, Draw!  While I have an innate mistrust of things like AI and attempting to teach robots to do anything, it’s kind of fun to draw something and have a computer trying to guess it.  The neural network is a better Pictionary partner than anyone in my family.

Step three, once step two was done to my satisfaction, was learning exactly what Track Changes is.  I’ve always written my papers in OpenOffice (I am hipster, hear me roar) and only recently switched to Scrivener for my Grown Up Novel Writing.  So Word is basically alien to me.  But apparently it’s industry standard and far be it for me to buck the trend, especially when the trend controls the printing presses and money.  Luckily, the internet came to my rescue on this one with a lovely article that started from the very top- turning Track Changes on.  I can’t say that I’m too old for this technology because I’m pretty sure it’s been in use at least since I was in college, but I’m definitely Too Old to Tech.

After all that I finally made it to step four- actual editing.  I’m actually finding this stage a little bit fun, probably because it’s so novel (ha!).  Mind you, as of writing this I’m only three pages in and it’s mostly consisted of clicking “accept change.”  When I have to start making the words go pretty again it won’t be as much fun.

Anyone else feel like they’re aging out of mainstream media and advancing technology?  Where do we sign up for our old people rocking chairs and shouting lessons?  Do any of you have any recommendations for how to make my exciting Track Changes usage EVEN MORE EFFICIENT?  Let me know!

P.S.  My manuscript has been written, sent to my agent(!!!) and sent back with recommended changes.  I’m three pages in. It’s growing so fast.

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