Happy end of the holidays!

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to say, but you have to admit- sometimes its nice to reach the end of the holiday season.

Kevin and I always split the week between Christmas and New Year’s evenly so Christmas is with my folks and New Year’s Eve is with his.  (It’s nice to not have to split the holidays themselves.  I hear some wild stories.)

I also made a Christmas pudding.

The most important bits of book news from the holidays:

  1. I finished the first(?) round of edits for my agent(!!!)  Since I promised I’d have them to her by today, that’s fortunate.  I became thoroughly sick of reading my own words (does anyone else have that problem) so hopefully there’ll be a bit of a break  before I have to do it again.
  2. I met my agent(!!!)  By chance I was within two hours of her over the holidays so she, two other authors she represents, and I got together for lunch.  It was really cool (and only moderately terrifying) to meet them face-to-face.  We talked business a lot and they gave me many, many tips on marketing and promotion.  No, I didn’t come away overwhelmed and terrified of the future, why do you ask?  But they were also very kind and offered to help me with whatever I need along the way.
  3. I made a Grown Up Professional Tumblr.  (Kind of.  Currently it’s about 65% Yuri on Ice reblogs and 35% interesting book posts.)  If you want to check that out, be prepared for so many JJ feels.


Going into the new year I think I’m waiting for my agent’s(!!!) feedback on the edits and beginning serious work on book two.  I assume we’ll start shopping it around, so cross your fingers!

How were your holidays?  Do you have any good “parents going nuts” stories?  I’d love to hear them,  so let me know in the comments!

P.S.  My MS is done for now and I’m on to book two!

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