Writing, Game Design, and Their Surprising Similarities

Hey all!

It turns out that the longer you avoid doing something, the harder it is to do it again.

ANYWAY, I was talking with a friend who is a tabletop game designer the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it turns out that our careers have some components in common:

  1. It’s hard to turn off the analytical brain sometimes.  He’ll play a game, or I’ll read a book, and we’ll find that we’re not doing it so much for enjoyment anymore.  That brain editor guy has turned on and is thinking about the mechanics, or the pacing, and deciding if it’s good, bad, or something to steal for our own work.
  2. They both come with agents.  Who knew!?  My friend called me a few months ago because his game had caught the attention of an agent and he wanted to know what it would be like before he signed on and I was the only person he knew that had one.  We talked for, like, an hour.
  3. Manuscripts and games both go through submission hell.  Right now we’re both waiting as our agents send out our work to publishers.  It was fun to commiserate with another person who knows what they feels like, actually.  But I’ve got my fingers crossed that he gets there before I do, because I’ve got another manuscript to write, so it’s going to be a while!

Have you ever discovered a job that’s surprised you with its similarities to yours?  Were you shocked that I finally posted again?  Let me know in the comments!


P.S.  Here’s my friend’s game page on facebook.

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