My favorite charities 2017: Part One

With Project for Awesome coming up, I realized I haven’t told you my favorite programs to throw money at yet!  Here’s number one:


The Harry Potter Alliance takes all of that fan power and puts it to real-world use.  They’ve successfully campaigned for slavery-free chocolate in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks, run a woman-led leadership program, and donate hundreds (thousands?) of books to areas in need.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Conveniently, they’ll be part of the Project for Awesome this weekend, you- and I- will have lots of ways to donate to them, from “liking” the videos that people made to support the HPA to giving directly to the organization.


One thought on “My favorite charities 2017: Part One

  1. […] I’ve talked about the Harry Potter Alliance before. Based on the belief that fandom and popular culture are powerful forces for good, the HPA “turns fans into heroes.” They ran a campaign to force the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to ethically source their chocolate, have opened numerous libraries all over the world, and created the Granger Leadership Academy, which will absolutely be up next on this list.The HPA has resources for fans who want to be activists but aren’t sure where to start. Many studies show that people who like Harry Potter are more likely to be empathetic and socially conscious, and the HPA gives them a place to start in making a difference in the world. […]


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